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Summer Dutch

Learn 10 easy phrases in only three and a half minutes, with your eyes closed. These are really useful in your holiday contact with the Dutch.
3,3 MB
3'28 minutes
128 kbs

Language Test

Language test by telephone

One of the two parts of The Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad is knowledge of the Dutch Language (a basic level of Dutch). The examination will test speech and listening skills by telephone. A complete example.
5,3 MB
5'32 minutes
128 kbs

Winter Dutch

Oliebol, a traditional Dutch delicacy on New Year's Eve

Learn 15 Dutch Seasonal Phrases
in 7 minutes. Complete Dutch Christmas Song included. Useful expressions for the Season!
7,3 MB
7'41 minutes
128 kbs

Valentine Dutch

Learn 7 Dutch Love Phrases
in 7 minutes. Complete Dutch Love Song included. Useful expressions for your relationship!
6,8 MB
6'56 minutes
160 kbs