Dutch Online


Acht voor Taal (kids)
This is a nice website for children to learn Dutch

Digitale bibliotheek
Linguistic information about Dutch

Direct Dutch
Language institute. Has an online language test.

Dutch as a foreign language
Info on the international Dutch as a Foreign Language exam

Dutch Grammar
Dutch online grammar course

Laura speaks Dutch
Brenno teaches his girlfriend Laura to speak Dutch. Eavesdropping allowed: public podcasts.

Learn Dutch
Famous resource for Distance Learners who like to excercise Dutch

Learn Dutch Nu
Commercial online Dutch Course for foreigners

Learning Dutch?
Nice website with soundbytes!

Learn Online
E-learning website

Nederlands als tweede taal
Here you'll find all kinds of educational material

NT2 Examen
Written texts slowly read out loud to practice your skills!

Opposites Finder
Groot - Klein. Find the opposite of any Dutch word!

Say it in Dutch idiom blog
Our famous Idiom Blog. Typical Dutch expressions with soundbytes, weekly updated

Speak Dutch
Twelve free Dutch lessons online

Synonym finder
Leren = studeren. Find a synonym of any Dutch word!

Taalnet Rotterdam
If you don’t speak or read Dutch, but you can use a computer, then Taalnet helps.

Uitmuntend (German)
Niederländisch lernen und deutsch-niederländisch / niederländisch-deutsch Wörterbuch

Verb Conjugator
Ik leer, ik leerde, ik heb geleerd. Find more than 3000 verbs completely conjugated.

Online starting point for people who want to learn more about the Dutch language. English to Dutch translations as well as other useful information about the Dutch language.

Dutch Courses CD-rom/DVD

Rosetta Stone Dutch Level I

Rosetta Stone Dutch Level II

Dutch Before You Know It

Edurom, Nederlands Voor Anderstaligen 1, Volwassenen<br>
Edurom, Nederlands Voor Anderstaligen 1, Volwassenen

Edurom, Nederlands Voor Anderstaligen 2, Volwassenen<br>
Edurom, Nederlands Voor Anderstaligen 2, Volwassenen

Het Groene Boekje<br>
Het Groene Boekje

Het witte boekje<br>
Het Witte Boekje

Het Blauwe Boekje<br>S. de Vries, R. Wolbrink & R.A.G. Wolbrink
Het Blauwe Boekje

Dutch Television

Public Radio / TV

Latest NOS Journaal (video popup) >>

View Dutch television online


Net 5




BVN TV (For Dutch abroad)

Dutch News(papers)

Latest News Headlines !

Netherlands National Newspapers

Algemeen Dagblad


NRC Handelsblad

NRC Next

Nu Nieuws online

Nieuws online

Radio Netherlands (English)






Regional & other papers (portal)

Regional Newspapers

Dagblad van het Noorden

Belgian Newspapers

De Volkskrant - Stijlboek
De Volkskrant - Stijlboek

Stijlboek NRC Handelsblad
Stijlboek NRC Handelsblad

Dutch Book Titles

Geschiedenis & Politiek

Art & Culture:
Kunst & Cultuur


Thrillers & Fantasy


New releases:
Nieuw verschenen literatuur

Second hand:
Books on Track

Audio Books
123 Luisterboek

Het boek van alle dingen<br>Guus Kuijer
Het boek van alle dingen

Dutch Literature


Literair Nederland

Dutch writers (a-z)

Dutch Literature

Vind boeken

Joe Speedboot<br>Tommy Wieringa
Joe Speedboot
Tommy Wieringa


Buitenlandse Partner
Great site for Dutch people who have a foreign partner. Everything about immigration and civic integration. Very useful information.

Information and news for Expats in The Netherlands. This site has also a busy forum!

Newcomer to the Netherlands
As a newcomer to the Netherlands, you may need to adapt to a new culture, language and climate. This site aims to introduce newcomers to all aspects of living in the Netherlands ,  help you to get ready to leave your home country and start a new life in the Netherlands. 

Hoe moet ik inburgeren?
How to acclimatize in The Netherlands. This official website of the government helps you to settle in. It is written in easy Dutch.

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