What our students think of Digidutch:



John: Hallo! Ik ben John. Ik kom uit Madison, een stad in Amerika. Ik reis
naar Nederland op vakantie in September, dus leer ik Nederlands te
spreken voor de lol. Aangenaam!

Hello! My name is John, and I come from Madison, a city in America. I
am going to the Netherlands on vacation in September, so I am learning
to speak Dutch just for fun. Nice to meet you!

Cathrine: I think you´re a very VERY good teacher, and your coaching-skills are shining through all the time. Then I also happen to like your sense of humour very much and I must say I really like your brains!

Tammie: Hallo Allemaal, Ik heet Tammie, Ik kom uit Amerika.
Ik woon in Forest Grove, Oregon een dorpje
vlakbij Portland. ik wil Nederlands leren want ik wil Nederlands spreken met mijn
familie wanneer ik bezoek deze zomer. Mijn Vader komt uit Nederland in de
1950's en spreekt in Amerika alleen engels met me. De Digidutch cursus is leuk.

Hello Everyone,
My name is Tammie, I come from America. I live in Forest Grove. Oregon a small
town by Portland. I want to learn Dutch because I want to speak Dutch to my
Family when I visit this summer. My Father came from Netherlands in the 1950
and spoke only english in Americia to me. The Digdutch course is fun.


Helen: The very next best thing to face to face lessons!


Dana: Wonderful product - it makes learning Dutch fun!
VERY nicely put together!


Helen: Enjoying the course very much, recommend to anyone learning Dutch....


Ulga: Alles gut gelaufen, funktioniert einwandfrei
mit dem Online-Kurs


Ziggy: GREAT program! Thanks!


Lana: I like your lessons,and in general I have no problems with it's
understanding. Only Dutch's phonetics...My God!


Ora: I think this course is a great idea!
It is very useful for somebody who
wants to learn to speak Dutch.


Gary: I really enjoyed the sound bytes.


Wendy: I'm not a complete beginner,
however, believe it or not, I found the first lesson
interesting and useful.
I like your approach because it's a bit more colloquial and there is some vocabulary I haven't seen before so I'm still learning.
I appreciate your personal touch.
The Netherlands

Rick, USA

Helen: Your soundbytes in the Lesson were very helpful for my pronunciation and
were especially well listened to...


Ann: I found it a good format and I especially liked the songs.


Dan: Het is heel goed!

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