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"Skype (..) is being used by Say It In Dutch to provide Dutch language courses.
Quite simply, how cool is that? The courses can be tailored to suit you and are probably the best way to get one-to-one specialist instruction without finding a local expert to provide the same service. "

Martin MC Brown, Computerworld

Learn Dutch by Skype

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Say it in Dutch helps you to learn and practice Dutch wherever you are, using Skype phone. Skype lessons are individual lessons based on your personal needs and wishes in direct contact with our native Dutch teacher. The working language is English. We use Skype audio and Skype text screen, no webcam needed.

Instead of meeting face-to-face, our teacher will contact you by Skype telephone at a convenient hour on a convenient day.

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Tailor made Skype Lessons are tailor made

All skype lessons are tailor-made. You can decide to learn the first steps of basic conversation or, if you already speak some Dutch, to have a number of specific training sessions for a special occasion, or just small talk - it is entirely up to you.

The number of lessons is your own choice, too. Many people start with a package of 6 lessons and go from there.

Lessons or conversations Skype Lessons or conversations

Lessons are skype sessions of 30 minutes. For beginners they might include some exercises, though speaking will be the main thing. Sometimes homework or preparation is needed to make more progress. However, some people don't have time for homework and are not interested in doing exercises. They mainly wish to practice their Dutch conversation skills for 30 minutes per week. Because learning by telephone is much more intensive than learning in class, we limit our lessons to 30 minutes each.

If you think 30 minutes is too long for you, we offer sessions of 20 minutes each, called Conversations. These are pure live chats in Dutch with the Dutch teacher, on any topic you like. They do not include any exercises, but if necessary the teacher will help you finding the words and explain the rules. In 20 minutes you will get really useful practice, which will boost your confidence to speak Dutch!

Lessons and conversations are scheduled in mutual agreement. Dates and times can always be changed up to 24 hours in advance.


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FeesSkype Lessons: you only pay tuition

The use of your Skype phone is free, you only pay tuition. Learning material included. In our shop you will find several interesting Dutch Skype lesson sets . Lessons and conversations must be prepaid by placing your order in our webshop and following the checkout process.



All you need is a pc or laptop, a head set or microphone/speakers and a good internet connection. You can also contact us by skype mobile phone but pc or laptop offer the text screen option which is great for support during the lessons. We do not use a webcam.

You only need a pc with internet and soundaudio lessons with live teacherDutch skype lessons worldwide


This is what our students say Skype Lessons: testimonials

We have been able to teach Dutch to people from all over the world (living in North and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, Eastern and Western Europe and many expats currently living in The Netherlands or Belgium. Here you can read the opinion of some of our current or recent Skype students.

Dutch Skype Student Testimonial

Diana Jeuda, living in England but learning Dutch because summers are spent sailing in Holland

Taking Skype lessons with Yorien has been just the best thing that I could have possibly done to improve my Dutch. I started with six months of Dutch under my belt, a really raw beginner. For my first few lessons, I behaved like a rabbit caught in the headlights. I was totally paralysed and unable to remember what little I knew. But with Yorien’s encouragement , I did not give up – as I really wanted to do – but stuck with it.

I am astonished at my progress, I am beginning to string conversations together and I’m not frightened to use the Dutch I have. My confidence has grown by leaps and bounds. But what is most important, I really do believe that one day I will be in a position to have proper conversations.

What I like about it, is that it’s been such fun. Even when I’m tearing my hair out with frustration, we are having a lot of laughs and I am learning. What I also particularly like is that we talk about all the things that I’m interested in, so that the vocabulary and grammar I learn is immediately useful. I can see myself talking increasingly fluently with Yorien for a long time to come. I know it will never be dull. I love learning with Yorien.

Dutch Skype Student TestimonialJames Carmody,
London UK

I have been having Dutch lessons using Skype with Say It In Dutch for over a year now. They have proved to be a very enjoyable way of learning Dutch. My teacher Yorien is really nice and friendly and has always been a pleasure to talk to.

Yorien manages to balance a naturalistic style to help me through real conversations and situations, whilst providing me with the support regarding Dutch vocabulary and grammar to enable me to consistently improve my Dutch. Yorien writes all new vocabulary and grammatical forms on the Skype text screen so that I have a record of what new ground we have covered and which I can study between lessons.

I would recommend Say It In Dutch's Skype lessons to anyone with an interest in learning Dutch.



My experience with Dutch Skype lessons

Paul S.,
The Netherlands

Through the Skype lessons I finally enjoy learning Dutch!  As the lessons are taught one-on-one, Yorien tailors each lesson according to what I want to learn, and of course to what I need to know!  They are short enough to hold my attention, and long enough to learn something, and timed to take place at a time which suits me (evenings).  

A huge positive point is that the lessons are conducted in English - instead of pushing my head underwater and drowning me in total Dutch immersion, Yorien teaches things in English so that I can understand what she is explaining.  I have no hesitation in recommending the Skype lessons!


My experience with Dutch Skype lessons

Andrus Purde, Tallinn Estonia

I have tried out the Skype Dutch lesson now (and realized how rusty my Dutch had gotten). The experience was excellent. I particularly liked that Yorien, my teacher, posted new expressions as chat messages as we spoke.



My experience with Dutch Skype lessons

Lisa Thomson-Law, Hilversum Netherlands

I found skype lesson is a perfect opportunity to practice speaking Dutch. A easy way to learn a new language is to share your interests with others, and I found my skype teacher Yorien is very good at directing you to speak the topic that is of your interests in Dutch so it is very motivated for you to speak and learn the language.  

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