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Dutch Proverb: Spreken is zilver, zwijgen is goud



Have you noticed?

Dutch people love to speak in metaphors. That's why they have so many proverbs (spreekwoorden) and special expressions (gezegden) in their language.

You'll encouner them in the spoken word, in books, in newspapers, on television and radio and of course also on the Internet. They're everywhere. Some of them are very clear, but many definitely need a special explanation.

Your dictionary probably cannot help you there. Say it in Dutch can!

We have collected our first 25 Dutch proverbs and expressions, together with an english explanation. We have also added the Dutch pronunciation as a soundbite to each and everyone of them!

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Als de kat van huis is...

Would you like to know what the Dutch mean by 'Als de kat van huis is..'?


.. dansen de muizen op tafel

Are you curious what is actually happening when 'een tang' hits 'een varken'?




..op een varken


Dutch proverb: De puntjes op de i zetten

What are the Dutch thinking about when they put the 'puntjes' on the i?



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