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Say it in Dutch can offer individual Dutch lessons in Groningen.

individual lessons Dutch


These individual lessons are scheduled during daytime hours (between 11am-5pm) on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. These one-on-one lessons take approximately 60 minutes each.

The number of lessons is entirely up to you, but we advise to choose a rythmn of no more than 1-3 lessons per week, so you will be able to do some self study between the lessons.

Most of our students start with a package of 6 lessons first and see from there.

All lessons must be prepaid in order to be scheduled. We schedule each lesson separately in full agreement. You can ask to re-schedule a lesson up to 24 hours before that particular lesson is due. Shorter notice will end in loss of that lesson.

If you travel a lot or do not have much time, you can also try individual lessons by Skype. These are more flexible! They only take 30 minutes and have more options in our schedule. You can read more about Skype lessons here>

The contents of the lessons are always tailor-made, depending on your needs and wishes. We usually focus on conversation and speech.

Students mostly come to us in Groningen (zip code 9722 WD) for their individual lessons. If you prefer another location you can choose this for a small extra fee.


You can find all fees in our webshop >


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