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How does it work?

Every week a new Dutch conversation lesson will arrive in your mailbox as a message in html (50 kb maximum). You can start studying Dutch conversation right away:

  • Play the ''sound bytes" and say your own Dutch answers aloud
  • Read the texts and explanations and learn a lot
  • Do the exercises and practice many times
  • Take the weekly assignment and send it in
  • Go visit the online discussion group to meet your fellow students.
  • Post a message and start a discussion with them. In English, German or Dutch.
  • Post your homework in the discussion group or mail it directly to your Dutch teacher in The Netherlands.
  • Get your personal response from your teacher.
  • Mail your own questions about the language directly to your teacher.
  • Get your personal answers in your mailbox.


What equipment do I need?

You need a pc with an internet connection, a browser and an audio player on your pc, able to play mp3 / m3u streams, like Music Match, Winamp, Windows Media Player or Real Audio. And a valid email address, of course. That is about it.

Options: For six-pack 1 it is recommended to have FREECORDER (free download) on your computer. With this you can make your own soundbite to send in as your homework.
For six-pack 2 it is recommended to have SKYPE (free download) on your computer. With this you can have your all Dutch SKYPE conversations with your teacher!

Freecorder appearance



What do I learn?

After six weeks you can speak quite some Dutch, you will be able to tell us much about yourself and your family. You can ask your own questions and give understandable answers in Dutch. You also will have a good pronunciation, because we train that a lot. You will learn to use over 200 words and expressions in conversation. This will be a perfect basis for further study.

After nine weeks you are able to make your own complete phrases, to describe persons and objects, to ask directions and find your way travelling. You should be able to have a nice Dutch chat now.

After twelve weeks you can also speak about the past and the future and make conversation about people, what you like to do, about time, weather, food and drinks. You will have learned almost 1000 words and expressions in Dutch. In other words, you will have completed the beginners level of Dutch conversation.


When do I study?

You can study any moment of the day or week. The lesson will be there for you in your mailbox anyway. Do you prefer to study at night or early in the morning? Round midnight maybe? No problem. But please connect a headphone to your computer, so you won't bother the kids or your neighbours with the sound-bytes! Perhaps they will only hear you speak Dutch to your computer, though…


What if there is a delay, can I catch up later?

Maybe you need more than a week to study a lesson. No problem! You can take this course in your own speed. The sound bytes will work as long as our Digidutch Program will run (which is, hopefully, a very long time). And your teacher will be there for you all season. But remember, the best way to learn a language is regularity. In other words: doing a lesson a week is absolutely preferable. Your teacher will get in touch if you stay behind …


How do I choose the right course?

It all depends on your wish to learn Dutch. If you are not sure you will actually like the language, then you will be better of with the six weeks course. Later on you can always decide to take the other lessons too. If you have only about two months time to learn the language, then nine weeks is a good option for you. But if you desire to reach the first real level of speaking Dutch, then twelve weeks should be your choice.


How do I order a course?

First decide which course you want: 6 weeks, 9 weeks or 12 weeks. Go to the shop. Add the desired course to your cart. When finished shopping, view your cart and pay with your credit card through Paypal.

After completion of the payment you click the 'return to merchant button' and will be directed instantly to a subscription form. Here you fill in your first name and last name and the email address to which the lessons should be sent. Submit the form and your course will start with an instruction message. The next day the first lesson will arrive. Seven days later the next lesson will come, and so on.

If you want to make this course a gift, please read these instructions first.







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